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Are you remodeling a mid-century in North Portland, building an ultra-modern home in the West Hills, or rehabbing a Victorian in Southeast? Wouldn’t it be nice to never have to worry about your roof again? Especially with the four-season weather we get here in the Pacific Northwest.

Rain, sun, snow, and ice can really do a number on Portland roofs. And with strong winds blowing in from the Columbia River Gorge, traditional composite asphalt roof shingles can often be bent or blown completely off. Other materials, such as cedar shakes, need a lot of maintenance to keep it clear of moss and algae.

Aluminum metal roofing will stand up to the soggy weather that keeps the City of Roses so green throughout most of the year. Built with several profiles in a wide variety of colors, aluminum roofing is designed to look good on any home and lasts for more than a century.


Aluminum metal roofing won’t rust like a steel roof, won’t crack like slate, and won’t warp or rot away like wooden shakes. There’s a reason we offer a transferrable lifetime guarantee on every roof we install. Permalock aluminum roof shingles are the best on the market, that’s why we’re able to offer the best warranty in the industry.

We can make these claims because our roofing is designed to eliminate the worries that can come with other roofing materials. With an aluminum metal roof installed expertly, you won’t have to worry about leaks that can cause structural damage to the roof of your home as well as cause mold and mildew on the walls and ceiling of the home.

Because the color is added to the aluminum during manufacturing, the color won’t fade for decades. You won’t have to worry about chipped or cracked paint, either. It’s a lightweight product (the lightest of any roofing material in fact), made from recycled materials, is even energy-efficient.

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